About Us


Sitton Plus Tannous is an architectural firm that was founded in 2003 by architect Jacob Tannous and architect Sharon Sitton. The firm provides full comprehensive services in architecture& interior design for a wide variety of clients in the commercial, private and institutional sectors, while emphasizing a unique language, and creative solutions to build a functional design.

The process
Since 2003, the firm has been implementing its diverse vision through dozens of projects throughout Israel.  By combining creativity, talent and language of design & planning that understand the customer’s needs and the requirements of the project and its environment.

Phases of the project
Since it was established – the firm is based on a combination of two fields and ability systems.

On the one hand – an overall grasp of the space: understanding the space and the interaction between the space and its surrounding – in the physical, cultural and historical aspects. On the other hand – designing the interior of the space, the story it tells, the atmosphere created by the “marriage” between the flow inside the space and its elements.

We believe that the harmony between these two fields, matching the design and storytelling to the functions the space should fulfill, the understanding that results from years of experience regarding the needs of the customer who lives or uses the space created, whether it’s a private house, institutional building or a space designed for entertainment or shopping and the ability to plan them, to design and accompany the project starting from the earliest stages up to its successful completion –through working closely with the customer and following up with various professionals – is what leads to the project’s success and customer satisfaction

“An overall grasp of space and the design of the interior and the story it tells”

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